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A Backup Plan When the Lights Go Out

Freak storms or downed trees can cause a power outage at any time. But it’s easy to get through a power outage with a backup generator that can keep your lights on. Kilowatt Electric LLC sells and installs backup generators for businesses and homeowners. Reach out to us for a free estimate!

Security During EmergenciesNever be without power during an emergency again. Backup generators help you run HVAC systems, appliances, and electronics during blackouts.
An Investment in Your FutureBy keeping the electricity on during blackouts, you’re avoiding expensive bills like the cost of repairing frozen pipes or replacing rotten food.
Convenient Annual ServiceWe can take the chore of generator maintenance off your hands with quick and easy annual service.
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Time-tested Generator Brands

Kilowatt Electric LLC offers and installs generators from EATON/Generac, a brand recognized for its straightforward repair process and high quality. We handle all aspects of the generator install process, from permits to gas piping. Simply relax while we get to work and enjoy the peace of mind that you’ll be safe in a power outage!

Annual Service Agreement

Like all machines, generators require regular maintenance. Consider signing up for our annual service agreement to ensure that your generator will work properly when you need it to. If you sign up for this agreement, we will call you a week before service is due and schedule a time to meet. Our generator maintenance services will keep you safe from unpredictable storms. Contact us today!

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